& Culture Features

What is your club like? What do your employees believe about your culture? Are they delivering on that message? Is that getting through to the membership? Part and parcel of any club operation is the establishment of a club culture. That culture is expanded by utilizing video to its fullest potential.

Capital Improvement Project Explainers

A capital improvement project video is a great way to showcase the need for and progress on a club’s renovation or an amenity project. Provide the members and employees with an inside look at the project, as use the video to promote the club to potential members.

Construction Updates

Video can offer timely communication, real-time progress tracking, transparency, reduced misunderstandings, and marketing and promotion opportunities. It can benefit construction teams, stakeholders, and clients by providing concise and visually appealing updates that help ensure projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

Employee Recruitment & Retention Spotlights

Using video for employee recruitment and retention can help attract top talent, enhance brand awareness, communicate job requirements, provide career growth opportunities, and retain current employees. It can be an effective and engaging way to showcase the club’s culture, values and commitment to its employees.