Peacock + Lewis

Ocean Reef Club - Dolphin Clubhouse

In an ongoing effort to modernize and update all club amenities within this private coastal community, the Ocean Reef Club leadership decided to update and expand their existing golf clubhouse to provide an amenity improvement with the most impact on their members.

The purpose of this project was to design a clubhouse that, in all regards, would complement the golf course and provide newly discovered vistas to the existing golf course, which the current clubhouse did not offer.

Peacock + Lewis helped plan for the modernization of the Ocean Reef clubhouse

The adaptive reuse or renovated clubhouse is designed in a contemporary Florida vernacular with refined classical forms, free of excessive details; a timeless piece of sculpture set among the manicured holes on the course and offering exceptional views of the surrounding golf course.

The new design was developed in conjunction with the golf course architect, allowing members to continue to use the golf course while the existing clubhouse was being expanded. In this scenario, members continued to use the existing golf course facilities while operations and services were uninterrupted, preventing member loss and allowing for continued revenue.


The results speak for themselves. Higher initiation fees, the multiyear waitlist for entry, younger member interest and utilization, large demand for private functions in the new dining room, and much increased F&B sales have resulted from the improvements.